Is our government deceiving us or what?

Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan said the country is broke but Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonji Iweala said the country is not broke, that there is just the need to stop funding the subsidy in order to sustain the national economy. Who is deceiving who?

GEJ also said there is need to stop paying for subsidy which doesn’t benefit the poor but rather in favour of few rich in the society; the *cabals*, but the Minister of Petroleum in an interactive session with the National assembly committee looking into the state of affairs in the oil sector said there are no cabals in her sector. Who is deceiving who?

In 2011, Lamido Sanusi Lamido, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria in conjunction with Mr. Olusegun Aganga,  Minister of Trade and Investment, the then Minister of finance, lamented over the jumbo take home of Nigerian lawmakers but did any one of them mention the same subject of jumbo pay when they are clamouring for subsidy removal with the motive that the economy can no longer sustain the subsidy funds.

Dr. Iweala said she has been through the budget that was submitted to the National Assembly and that she is satisfied. Could it be that it was her assistant that read the budget? Or didn’t she notice the amount allotted for recurrent expenditure at the expense of capital projects? What about the amount allocated to the flowering of the office of the president?

Why on earth would the Honourable Minister of Petroleum be the one to oversee the findings of allegations in the oil sector’s past activities of which her own office is in the fore front of the *cabalism*, and all eyes and accusing fingers towards her.

Our leaders choose to serve us and yet there are the ones eating on us, you wonder why? We are copying the United State’s system of governance and yet Democracy has jumped out of Nigeria through the window. Is he coming back? Our choice!

What do you call a system of government when people can’t protest peaceful, where there are no freedom of information; our elected leaders cant disclose their real take home to those that elected them into office.

Nigerians voted but our leaders get the Security Votes which doesn’t even add a byte to the betterment of the populace.

Do they really care about us?

‘yinka ‘sanya


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