My first experience at a cyber cafe

The first time I visited a cyber café, July 2008 to be precise was a really great and life experience.

I went in the company of two, a friend and a colleague who happen to know more about browsing the internet then.

To really enjoy the act, my colleague suggested we booked for night shift; 11:00pm – 5:30am for three hundred naira only. We booked for two systems, one for me and my friend and the other for my colleague.

Although I had earlier been to a cyber café with my classmates at a neighbouring town in 2007 to check our NECO results but we were helped out.

That fateful night on entering the cyber, I looked around with my mouth wide opened as about 80 per cent of the PCs that was on had adult content on display, which made me ask my colleague if it’s a ‘follow-come’ feature for the internet.

He said “o ti o,” No, in Yoruba language.

My colleague, his own perspective of the word ‘Internet’ as a place where you meet friends and mostly the opposite sex which you can engage in a relationship that might result in the other party sending gift items and money to you, “Really,” I asked.

With the guidance of that my colleague on my own system, I created an email which happen to be the longest email address I ever created;, imagine!

He also signed me up on a couple of social networking sites.

He prepared my bio under five minute by copying another person’s bio and localizing. I bet it his typing speed cant be less than 30 words per minute, yet he type with only two fingers, one from each of his hands.

But unfortunately, we couldn’t browse all night as the cafe’s generator set developed fault just few hours into the night; light was restored but the attendant couldn’t restore internet connection.

What a wasted night?

The next time I visited another cyber café alone gave me another insight of the word ‘internet’ when I have the opportunity to read a book, ‘The Power of Focus’, on Google book; a book I borrowed from a friend but couldn’t finish within a short period as its just too voluminous.

I bought three hours that day and I spent two and a half hour reading the book which I had been longing to read and the rest thirty minutes on responding to a scam mail from a sender who claims to be in a refugee camp.


One response to “My first experience at a cyber cafe

  1. A very hilarious piece…. indeed a lot of us started out that way….not knowing what it was about and its productivity tools. in my case,i used it majorly for listening to music in the defunct…

    sanya,thanks for sharing.


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