It’s an offence to deface Lagos with posters

You won’t deface yourself;’ ‘It’s an offence to deface Lagos with posters.’ It sounds serious though!

The first time I saw that note of warning, it was along Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way in Ikeja but I couldn’t see the government agency whose idea was that until I had the opportunity to see it so close; the Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA).

LASAA and many other government agencies are seasonal in performing their duties – the reasons for their establishments. Some government agencies perform just like that of masquerade that only comes out once a year and go back resting till the next year.

The Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency according to BrandworkNigeria was created in June 2006 and yet the nooks and crannies of Lagos state was ‘defaced’ with posters during the last electioneering in 2010/2011.

It’s an offence

I just imagine how much LASAA would have generated if people pasting posters are charged for every poster pasted on walls around Lagos during the last electioneering, even the recent local government councils’.

You might want to ask where they were in 2010/2011; probably in sleeping or dormant mood.

LASAA woke up in 2012, that’s after the local councils’ election to realize that it’s an offence to paste posters on walls. Our governments create agencies that would work in their favour just to go dormant if it will go against them or their actions.

These and many other government agencies are all toothless, clawless giant lions that are just established for no just course and receive annual budgetary allocation for keeping their various offices open.

My secondary school government teacher told us then that characteristics of democracy include the ‘rule of law,’ ‘supremacy of the law’ among others.

But reverse is the case in Nigeria as the law serves as stool for our leaders who see the law as a useless part of the government and consider it great and of high value if the masses are the ones to be affected.

The Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) created by the federal government is not left out as it would only go probing those who are the ruler’s enemy and or antagonist.

The list is endless.


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