It started with us

“Only the one that knows the road very well can walk it at any time of the day.”

On my way home from work the fateful Thursday evening, seeing light at about three streets to my street, I was happy ‘oooh, there is light at home.’

Just to walk into my street and discovered that there is no light in my street. I got home and asked why our street has no light.

“A cable was stolen from the transformer, and it cost more than two hundred thousand naira, so every occupant in each house is to contribute two hundred naira only each,” my small neighbour explained.

I was also told that the cable that was stolen was actually stolen and replaced last year.

Who stole it? Where were the vigilantes when the cable was stolen? When was it stolen? Why do we pay securities dues on a monthly basis? What are the two set of securities doing: the vigilante of the local government authority and the ones we pay for? These are questions that popped up in my mind. I just walked in to change my cloth.

Yoruba would say ‘Ole lo n mo ese ole to lori apata,’ meaning ‘only a thief knows the path of another thief on the rock.’ Those who stole the cable definitely might be those that fixed it earlier. And that was in my opinion though, but coincidentally a neighbour reasoned the same way; but it’s a hard truth, hard to believe.

Funny enough, we may end up buying the exact stolen cable from its thief who will just tell people he has same at home without working as a cable supplier to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

We sometimes complain about the attitudes of our political office holders but it all started somewhere; from our personal persons.

It won’t be surprising to hear that one or more staff of PHCN is part of the stealing exercise; I believe one can’t cut a cable that’s carrying current.

Our government is bad, yeah but we are part of it. Government started from our individual being.


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One response to “It started with us

  1. I have heard this so many times. I agree that change start with me, but don’t forget that a child is a product of his environment. If all we as youngsters saw was that the leaders in our society has made it by stealing. It is automatic then, we will all start stealing. There is always two sides to every coin. This is the side that is missing in your article!

    Okay, I am going to shut up now!

    P.S I think you are already a great writer with or without me using the like and or comment button 🙂


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