Our judiciary won’t help either

Judiciary is meant to be the last resort for the masses but how true is this fact when Nigeria is on the field.

I once read that someone stole N17, 000 and a mobile phone worth N4500 and was sentenced to life imprisonment; for just stealing approximately N21, 500 – but am not supporting the thief either.

Justice as in the case of Nigeria; the rich elite seems to be above the law or simply put as untouchable by the law while the masses are the ones who are usually prosecuted for offenses that are very minute compared to the once committed by our so call rulers.

The nation’s anti-corruption agencies only prosecute and celebrate political office holders and the rich elites on pages of national dailies and nothing more.

James Ibori, a former state governor whose case was dismissed by a Nigerian court on the ground that a legitimate case was not established against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The same person pleaded guilty to a London court for the same offences charged for in Nigeria and was sentenced accordingly. Akingbola, the former Chairman of Intercontinental bank is another case of similar scenario; a London court ordered him to refund Access Bank with the sum of 164billion whereas a Nigerian court charged him for 47.1billion.

Do we still need the anti corruption commissions to charge offenders in Nigerian courts? Why don’t we just outsource the judiciary to London courts? *just asking though*

I can’t imagine the comparison; someone stealing N21, 500 bagging a life imprisonment as against the endless list of corrupt leaders.

Where is the conviction that Nigeria is practicing democracy? What happens to the RULE OF LAW? The constitutions only asserted that the judiciary is independent but that was just on the pages of our constitution, NOT in practice.

Should I say that Nigerian judges dance to the tune of our rich elites as well as the top politicians since he that pays the flute dictates its tune? ‘Just asking though’

There are prosecutable simple offences for the masses while exceptions are exclusively reserved for political officeholders.

Politician who misappropriated billions of naira of public funds roam our streets as freely as possible while the some other citizens rotten in prisons for minimal offences.

When are we getting there?

We are the changes we need, let’s join hands to build the nation of our dream.


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