Undisputed world BEST MUM

My mother!

Don’t know when it happen,

But she sat and watched my infant head

While others are sleeping,

My pain is her burden,

She understands me,

Even when I don’t know the language I speak,

She made me her priority,

What a women?

My Mother!

When I don’t sleep, she doesn’t as well,

Feeling my pain when I can’t even explain anything,

Her affectionately shared tears is the World BEST,

Woke her up at night just for a sip of her milk,

And making sure am deeply asleep before she sleeps,

Even with all these, I still remain her priority,

What a MUM?

My Mother!

Even while I was still a toddler, I remain her confidant,

Telling me stories a youngster can’t even comprehend,

She is never tired of changing my nappy,

Giving me a smile even after urinating on her cloths,

am Her ultimate JOY, PRIDE, HAPPINESS, LOVE…..

She loved me even more than her hubby,

Making me her first love,

what a love?

My Mother!

The MBGN that never contested;

Beautiful even without makeup,

Miss World but never fill a form for beauty contest,

Oooooh Mother, the undisputed World BEST,

she’s a Guiness Book of World record breaker;

for SHE brought me to life,

What a darling mum?

Once a BEST friend,

Miss you, MUM.

Love you, MUM.

“Dedicated to all LOVING mothers”


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