A Woman of Substance

Ever come across a woman of substance?

Lemme give you an instance,

My mother; my first love,

My lovely rainbow, an epitome of God’s love.

Oh mother.


She’s a Mum, a Woman, and a Mother.

Despite causing her sleepless night,

She still make sure i get my request,

Even as a worrying youngster,

She dont see me as a burden but a priority,

Her first love.


She’s a Caring and Loving Mother,

Oh! I miss the welcome-home hug,

With or without cold, She never deny me of her hug,

Little did i know that she wont do it for long,

And now, i cant tell her how i feel.


Request for a Loving Mother,

If Heaven could ask me for a request,

what will i ask? Just a minute with her,

To tell her how i feel, about her,

And probably plant a kiss on her forehead.

She is my First Love.

Till we meet to path no more,

if truely we will all see one another at the END.


I Love you, Mum

I still Love you, Mum

and I will forever Love you, Mum


Dedicated to all Loving and Caring Mother


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