Two lives at stake; whose first?

I was just watching a movie, a Ghanaian movie to be precise, over the weekend with two other guys, and towards the end of the movie the question was popped; “If you were to be in the actor’s position what would you do?”

The movie is actually about a man whose wife is in child-labour in the hospital throughout the day before, the doctor called the husband over to the hospital to sign the necessary document which will authorise the hospital to carry out an operation for the baby to be delivered of his wife as she couldn’t deliver the baby herself anymore.

He got into his car, the car won’t start immediately but responded after some minutes. On his way out, there was a little traffic congestion which he manoeuvered and continued his ride to the hospital but coincidentally came across a female-friend who is also in deep labour pain, so he offered to help but no one to follow that his friend.

The labour pain of his friend is so much that he had to stopover at another hospital before heading towards the hospital where his wife is. The doctor cant carry her friend to the theatre without initial cash deposit which the guy rushed to the nearby ATM machine to get.

After the deposit, on the guy’s way out of the hospital, he ran into the doctor who said the friend needs blood transfusion before she can deliver and the hospital at that point in time doesn’t have a matching blood for her, 0+ which happens to be the blood group of the man.

The doctor who is treating her called that his wife needs to be taking to the theatre in few minutes to avoiding losing either the mother or the unborn child and the doctor whom his friend is with said the he can’t go anywhere without getting someone to donate if he can’t donate the blood and it has to be in few minutes as well.

The second doctor however warns that he would be held responsible if anything should happen to the woman she brought while her wife keep calling his phone repeatedly.

And now the question resurfaces again; he either donates the blood and stays few more minutes in the hospital where his friend is or head towards the hospital hosting his wife for her wife to be operated upon.

If you were to be in his shoes, which will you go for, for the fact that he is the only one that brought his friend to the hospital and her wife needs him to prove his love?


What do you think?

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