A Highest Goal Scorer that’s not a Footballer

The two guys sitting with me in this particular tricycle that fateful day are football freaks, discussing football with all their strengths and while they were talking I was busy with my phone.
“Which club do you support,” one of them asked me after he noticed I wasn’t on their side, I shock my head “I’m not a football person.” The look on his face is like I am not from this planet.
And the truth is I don’t know anything about football but was once a highest goal scorer, yes me.
That’s back in my first year in secondary school, we organised a football competition after a terminal examination. I forced myself to be member of one of the participating teams; using my influence as the class captain.
I participated in our first match and managed to score my first (and only) goal after which I was ill and couldn’t go to school.
I appointed someone that’s not on my team to play on my behalf and he get me additional 7 goals, making it 8 goals in my name and the highest from a single player. Though my team came third but I was the highest goal scorer even though it was a controversial one.
If the saying that once a soldier is always a soldier, then I am still a title holder of a highest-goal-scorer even as it is as far back as 2001.


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