Reason My Wife Can’t be a Career Woman

I have heard people come up with excuses why their wives can’t work, or better put, want their wives to be full housewife.

Speaking with a friend recently, a northerner to be precise, who is so blunt about his wife becoming a career woman, not even taking up trading.

This friend has been in Lagos for some years and has been going home to the north almost every 4 months to see his family; he has a wife and two kids, who according to him are the major reason he goes home.

He is planning to go home soon for the first time in the year after which his wife and kids would move to Lagos finally before the year runs out.

“Wetin she go dey do, if she come Lagos”, I asked him inquisitively in Pigin English. His response, “she no go dey work, na to dey cook for me and my pikin.”

I asked him why he won’t allow his wife to work; his only reason is that, there are chances of his wife dropping him for another man if she is working and probably fortune smiles on her.

He said he had seen similar cases where the wife works, becomes richer and had to seek for divorce. And this he didn’t want to happen.

As a man, would you allow your wife into the labour market, if not, why? As the wife, can you accept the offer of a full ‘housewife-ship‘?


2 responses to “Reason My Wife Can’t be a Career Woman

  1. RUBBISH! If he’d be paying me per month for doing that, maybe I’d consider it. 100,000naira for a start. And that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be providing for other things that I might need o! If he can’t, he should goan sit down abeg. Why I con go skul?


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