Okay, It’s Back

Yeah, it’s been like forever since I last visited my dashboard. Welcome back to the blog that get a new post like once in a blue moon. Bad abi, am working on improving that.

With God on my side, I’m going to be resuming with putting up posts here, writing about things happening around me and probably re-blogging some of my interesting posts from other blogs. It’s a promise! It’s never going to be a boring experience, never!

I only appear to be a lazy blogger here‘ but I still don’t know why? Smiley But to get the better part of me, you can drop by at AgricBiz where I’m the Major Blogger/Assistant Editor, writing about the business side of agriculture as it affect youths, African development, research et al. You can also check-out Tech360ng, there I write about information communications technology. Looking forward to adding more blogs to the list and of course, smiling more to the bank. Smileys

This post is to notify you of my coming back, as if I went somewhere. Henceforth, there’s going to be at least a post per week here. And that doesn’t means that I can only afford to write a post per week; of course, at times, I write up to 8 posts per week. And that’s on the notion that am in the right state of mind. Confirm that at the above-mentioned web-blogs.

I cant afford to go without saying thank you to people that have impacted me in one way or the other; people like Toperants, the rAnTeR at Toperants; Thorpe who blogs at Tech360ng. The list is endless o but I can still afford a special greetings to my English Teacher/Editor, Nike. 

I know you are still with me, please use the comment section below to affirm that. Thanks. Smiley


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