Our Leaders’ Road Use at the expense of our lives

Tuesday November 12, it was Prof. Festus Iyayi’s and the same week’s Wednesday November 13, t’was a 63-year-old Victoria Adeoye. The aforementioned are dead and their death have one thing in common – government officials’ convoy.

I know, we are all subject to death but in this case, their deaths are avoidable. If and only if the convoy make good use of the road.

You might want to ask: who own OUR roads? We need not go too far for the answers, the roads belong to the citizens and that’s only during electioneering but once the election is over, they take-over the roads with armoured vehicles in convoy; breaking every bit of the Highway Code ‘even Lowway Code and harassing other road users with guns. The same people we dashed out our mandate to.

We need to start holding government officials responsible for the actions of their convoy; political office holder’s convoy would take wrong-way yet no enforcement agency will bother calling them to order, afterall he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

I believe the only set of vehicle that should be given free hands on our roads should include ambulances even some ambulance drivers use its siren just to get out of traffic jam when there’s no emergency, bullion vans; their movement on our roads especially Lagos’ should have reduce drastically as a result of the cash-less Lagos project, but we still have them making noise all over the place.

Our leaders should tend to keep to time, with that there wont be need for their convoy to be in a hurry on our roads. Can you picture what would have happened if either of the two above is a serving-elected officer of any state or the federation? Please, use this comment section below. It’s 03:10am already, time to catch some rest.


What do you think?

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