My First Rail-Ride Experience Tho

I am yet to come up with a single word that I could use to describe my first rail experience, but I would be looking forward to your suggestions after reading this post and that’s using the comment section.

It was the inauguration of the Niger State chapter of the Agbekoya Farmers’ Association in the state capital, Minna in September, and I’m to represent AgricBiz at the launching. My first visit to the state tho.

Our journey to Minna was great to some extent even though we spent about half a day on the road, using a chartered car direct from Lagos.

The inauguration was great! After spending about five days in Minna, even thou my Visafone-powered BlackBerry was useless throughout my stay except for its camera feature, I couldn’t wait any longer to get back to my Lagos life but my MD wants me to do a profile of a woman on You can check-out a look into the woman’s business here.

Back to the matter, my first rail experience; after making up my mind to hit the road, I decided to use the railway system since there’s a railway station in Minna and that’s after one of us showed interest in using it. “It’s even going to be an experience since you have never used the train before,” that’s my MD’s statement.

Okay! One of our hosts called one of the workers at the station: the next train would come around 6:30pm and we have to be at the station latest by 5:30pm on Saturday. But he can’t ascertain that we’d get first-class tickets. The genesis of the experience!

We got to the station around 6pm, train came but not until about 8:30, and we didn’t take off until around 10pm. Mind you, we weren’t lucky enough to get first-class tickets.

To start with, we had to rush into the train like the days of Molue in Lagos, some even sat on their bags as the available

[Image Credit: TelegraphNG]

seats are not enough and yet you see kids of less than 7 years old occupying a whole seat, “they also have their tickets,” their parent or guardian would say. But this time, we were lucky to secure seats, but not even on the same coach.

According to the ticket, “Passengers are carried subject to the provision of the Nigerian Railway Corporation Act 1955” Note the date 1955, we are progressing!

The train stopped at every train station on the way, waiting for about 20 minutes at every point. Then, the shaking movement of the train which resulted to a stomach ache, and the toilet is a no-go area, it stinks

I couldn’t withstand the ride all the way to Lagos on the notion that the train will get to Lagos around 5:00pm on Sunday, so I dropped at Offa in Osun State by 11:30am on Sunday and seized the opportunity to see my friends in school. I wont mind using the train again but on the condition that, I’m able to secure a first-class ticket. Shikena!

From the no first-class tickets to delayed arrival of the train as well as late take-off, stopping by every station for an average of 30 minutes, my stomach ache, the stinking rest-room and even riding on a Provision Act dated back as 1955. Now to the description of my experience in one word, PLEASE help me with a one-word description, using the comment section below.

Please, do remember that I’m not an English major o. And you can still check the better part of me on AgricBiz and Tech360ng


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