Lemme tell you about my mother – my First Love

My first love,
A great mother by divine,
an ever-smiling woman of peace,
She’s one you want to call mum anytime,
The very Best mum any child can ask for,
Her radiation of love is contactable,
I love you, mother

A lovely woman wearing many caps,
to her siblings; talk about that selfless sister,
to her husband; a loving and supportive partner,
to me; a first love, mother and best friend,
She made me her confidant,
No minding that I was just a boy,
I miss you, mum mi

Talk about generosity, kindness, love, care
Even elegance, strong, energetic, resilience,
And add honesty, humility, selflessness,
She possessed all of these qualities.
I’d forever be proud to call you, mum mi

A woman of valour,
If there’s a second coming,
She’s the woman I will want as my mother again,
I can’t trade her motherly love for anything,
She’s the kind you want to dedicate Timi Dakolo’s Heaven Please to, Requesting for a moment with her again,
Mum, I love you


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